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ASP.NET MVC Hostring: Godaddy Works


In recent weeks, I decided to rewamp my code base framework, that I use to build all my new sites, and started from scratch using ASP.NET MVC. Only in a few days I felt in love with this MVC! This is all I dreamed about that .NET would have. In fact I have been already hacking .NET to behave this way for some quite time, and now, there is a native support for a clean fast flexible UI.

The more my love for ASP.NET MVC grew, to more I started to worry that this emotional dating was going to turn out to be too young and immature for a serious relationship. Yes I was afraid that I will not find suitable hosting solution for it. Reading the forums that overflow with frustrations that ASP.NET MVC is hard to deploy even increased my worries. Finally I ran cross Phil's blog post about ASP.NET MVC deployment, and tried this on one of my free accounts. As Phil advices, I used the Visual Studio 2008 publisher, set up the FTP login and oala... the site is up and running. As Phil points out, all VS needs to do is include the non-present MVC dlls in the bin folder, and everything runs perfectly.

After all those years of frustrations from standard breaking user controls, ASP.NET made a great leap ahead. Now we have a very clean and simple UI with the richness of the .NET middle tear, all running on a $5/month hosting plan. What else to wish for?

UPDATE: Yes I got the MVC site working on the GoDaddy, shared hosting plan, however, every few hours, it would totaly back out giving 500 erros. I spend a few days trying to figure out what is wrong with my code, finally I called GoDaddy support, and after the issue got escalated, I got a email: "We do not support .NET MVC, use a different tool for hosting your website"... just like that, really this broke my heart... I almost got emotianl about this framework, how much I liked it, and now the most advertised hosting company on the internet does not even want to deal with it.

Responses to The mvc hostring: godaddy works

  1. RIZWAN Says:
    Thursday, January 14, 2010 1:59 PM
    I have MVC and JSON . Site works ok but its not running JSON. Any idea.
  2. TJ Nevis Says:
    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 7:17 PM
    Hey, I am trying to do routing and all I've gotten is we don't support MVC and copying the .dll's to the \bin folder didn't work. Other than this mess that I've been dealing with for a month, I like GoDaddy. I've even tried going to other hosts to get MVC, but I have to learn a whole new control panel, options, other caveats. So to this date, does GoDaddy shared hosting support MVC?