Dave's ASP.NET SEO Friendly CMS

Update: This CMS is not being actively developed any more. Instead, I have re-developed the CMS from ground up in the ASP.NET MVC framework. Here is a demo site, where you can also download the source code: Dave's ASP.NET CMS 3.0 is here, and it's MVC!

Dave's CMS was created as a response to identifying need of many small business owners for a compact easy to use content management system. This CMS was inspired by Wordpress as a simple ASP.NET alternative for those who do not have option of Linux hosting. Currently Dave’s ASP.NET CMS includes a simple blogging functionality and a zone based editing as well as a simple lead form.

New Version (2.2)
Major improvements:
full support for url rewriting with .html extension
page configuration
zone loading performance
better urls

Download! version 2.2 this version requires IIS 7!


Haloda Construction
NYC Personal Trainer

Web Standards Compliant

Dave’s CMS is coded in XHTML 1.0 Strict doctype and has valid HTML.

SEO Friendly

Dave’s CMS is SEO friendly. It respects, title tags, meta tags, <h1> <h2> .. tags, uses XHTML doctype. Dave’s CMS uses friendly URLs allows for custom meta tag setup for every page.


Dave’s CMS was heavily inspired by Wordpress. It does not attempt to compete with Wordpress, but provide an ASP.NET alternative.

Dave’s CMS utilizes jquery JavaScript library, and its ThickBox plugin.

Dave’s CMS also uses TinyMCE


I would like to invite anybody who would like to participate in inproving dave's asp.net CMS, for which reason I have started a google dev project. Feel free to request invitaion to this project.


Dave's CMS is released under the GPL (see license.txt).