My Projects

Yes, I do have a day job, which I cannot talk about much here :), so the projects here below are what I have done on the side...

  • JavaScript MVC jQuery based framework
    Hash based pure JavaScript MVC framework.
  • hidden iframe post jquery plugin
    Cross domain AJAX-like post.
  • Dave's ASP.NET CMS
    simple easy to use .NET CMS build in web forms on .NET 2.0
    this is the newest version of my ASP.NET CMS build on .NET MVC. It's light weight, simple to use and to install, trying to follow the spirit of Wordpress
    lead delivery, campaign management app for generating mortgage and insurance leads
    topic comparison social networking website
    Czech event planning site inspired by evite
    Czech social networking website
    web 2.0 portal inspired by, this project is very successful and has become one of the main student portals in the Czech Republic